Stop chasing AD attack paths. Focus on your Tier 0 perimeter.

Active Directory has countless paths adversaries can take to achieve domain dominance. The problem is clear—excessive permissions—but sifting through every group and user relationship is impossible. Forest Druid flips the script, taking an inside-out approach to attack path management. Forest Druid focuses on attack paths leading into the Tier 0 perimeter—saving time by prioritizing your most critical assets.

Download nowDefend what matters—Tier 0 assets.
  • Uncover vulnerable Tier 0 assets before it’s too late
  • Lock down excessive privileges, which create 99% of attack paths into Tier 0 assets
  • Discover the most dangerous attack paths—not just the most common ones

Close the paths attackers use to target Tier 0 assets

  • Identify the true Tier 0 perimeter

    Identify the true Tier 0 perimeter

  • Cut down excessive privileges

    Cut down excessive privileges

  • Prioritize attack paths by severity

    Prioritize attack paths by severity, not commonality

  • Critical Assets Monitoring

    Monitor what matters—critical assets

  • Save time and resources

    Save time and resources

Semperis Adds Community Tool for Cyber Defenders Focused on Defining a Privileged Perimeter Around Tier 0 Assets

Forest Druid is a first-of-its-kind Tier 0 attack path discovery tool for Active Directory environments

Cut time in closing off Tier 0 attack paths.

Get started with Forest Druid

Protect Tier 0 assets
Step 1: Accelerate Tier 0 attack path analysis

Accelerate Tier 0 attack path analysis

Stop wasting time analyzing countless Active Directory attack paths. Use Forest Druid to quickly identify the groups and accounts with access to Tier 0 assets.

Define the true Tier 0 perimeter
Step 2: Define the true Tier 0 perimeter

Define the true Tier 0 perimeter

Forest Druid helps you uncover and define Tier 0 assets otherwise missed by default configurations.

Scan AD for high-risk violations
Step 3: Prioritize

Scan AD for high-risk violations

Apply Forest Druid’s scanning and analysis results to provide critical context, prioritize remediation, and lock down privileges with a special focus on Tier 0 assets.

Protect Tier 0 assets
Step 4: Protect Tier 0 assets

Protect Tier 0 assets

Simplify attack path management to improve security posture and make your defenders more efficient while saving time and resources.

See Forest Druid’s debut at Black Hat USA

Forest Druid ushers in a new era of attack path management—and it’s not about attack paths. Listen as Ran Harel, Semperis Senior Director of Security Products, introduces a new approach to protecting Tier 0 assets in Active Directory environments.

Forest Druid flips the script on attack path analysis

Forest Druid takes an inside-out approach to attack path management, which saves time and resources by prioritizing the most sensitive assets first.

Forest Druid’s ability to defend from the inside out, starting with defining the privileged perimeter, is optimal for defenders. After all, the most common attack paths aren’t always the most dangerous ones. Forest Druid user
Defenders know you can’t protect what you can’t see. Forest Druid visualizes Tier 0 assets in AD and shines a spotlight on all the lingering ownership relationships to these entities. Mickey Bresman CEO | Semperis
With Forest Druid, we took the attack path analysis concept and flipped it over. Instead of looking at it from the attacker’s view, we look at it from the inside out as a defender. Start with what you really care about—Tier 0 assets. Ran Harel Senior Director of Security Products | Semperis
Rather than chasing down every avenue, defenders can use Forest Druid to quickly identify low-hanging fruit for remediation, accelerating the process of closing backdoors into AD. Forest Druid user


Learn how Forest Druid saves time for cyber defenders by focusing attack path discovery on protecting Tier 0 assets.